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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Egyptian Adventure starts in North Piddle (snicker)?, Part 1 (Episode 1.1)

"Selim, are you sure it was not a murderous, mummified rabbit?" asks Kevin O'Connell, ace reporter for The Daily Yell.

From an unpublished manuscript of Amelia Peabody:
"Oh goodness", I exclaimed reading the telegram, "This certainly explains why Selim is late - and in danger!"
"What the devil are you talking about now Peabody?" my husband, the greatest Egyptologist of this or any other age, asked. 
"Why this this telegram from Inspector Hopkins from North Piddle (well brought up ladies do not snicker).
"It appears that Selim was delayed by our friend Kevin O'Connell, took the wrong connection and ended up lost in North Piddle."
"He's no friend of mine that bloody, no good (unprintable) louse. Wait a minute - you said danger. Selim has the - ."
"Yes! And Inspector Hopkins spotted, I'm afraid to say, Bertha with some unsavory characters following him."
"Good Lord! We must go at once!
"It's too late to get there on time Emerson. But Inspector Hopkins assures me that he will safeguard Selim and that there will be a special surprise for Bertha.


The village of North Piddle (snicker) is a small civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England. North Piddle (snicker) was named after Piddle (snicker) Brook, on which it stands and has approximately 200 inhabitants. On December 17, 1890 there was an earthquake in the region that "exceeded in violence any previous instance of seismic energy there within the present century".  The earthquake was preceded by a loud roar "as of thunder" or "a rushing mighty wind", and residents whose windows were facing north saw a "great light", which some attributed to a large meteor. The meteorite was carefully analyzed by both British and French authorities and they concluded that an extraterrestrial origin was likely. Though North Piddle (snicker) is tucked away in a remote corner of England, for some unexplained reason, North Piddle (snicker) is a focal point for many strange goings-on and the start of many an adventure.

The meteor strike near North Piddle by the ruins of the Nightengale mansion.

Selim, the Professor Emerson's reis is carrying some mysterious papers from Dr. Ahmed Kamal Bey from the excavation site at Dara and Bertha and the Bandits have been hired by an unknown third party to bring the papers and Selim to a location in Egypt . . . and kill anyone who may be a witness.

Bertha, Sheik Aaliyah Moghadam and the heavily armed bandits.
The surprise Inspector Hopkins promised: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were visiting Hopkins in North Piddle (snicker).

Sherlock Holmes and the local constables under Deputy Inspector Hopkins cross Piddle (snicker) Brook and move out to save Selim and McDonnell. (Yep, found my stone bridge.)
Bertha and her group split into two sections, with the intent of covering the open ground with accurate rifle fire.
"There is no murdering, mummified rabbit with razor sharp teeth. The Father of Curses will not be pleased that you have delayed me in delivering the document to him!"
Bandits easily take up positions around the doomed pair . . .
. . . while Bertha takes the direct approach through the crumbling gate.

Holmes, ever the man of action, takes the direct route through the ruins of the house shouting a warning to Selim and O'Connell.
Inspector Hopkins, Sergeant Ridgewell Hawkes (a veteran of the Indian Army) move around the ruin to outflank the bandit riflemen.

The great detective dashes out to Selim, but is immediately engaged by the beautiful, but deadly Bertha. O'Connell, intent on listenting to Selim, appears to be oblivious to what is going around him.

Dr. Watson rushes to his friends aid while the other constables provide assistance and try to continue to thwart the riflemen.
Inspector Hopkins, the young protege of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
A huge, mountain of a bandit, with a very large and sharp scimitar blocks the other members of the North Piddle (snicker) Constabulary.

The situation, or is it?

Mr. Holmes uses his Meticulous Planning Talent to move Bertha away from attacking him . . .
. . . while Bertha uses her Meticulous Planning Talent to move the great detective right into the arms of the crafty warrior Sheik Aaliyah Moghadam.
Let the fight commence!
In the conclusion we find out: 
1. Are the Constables still red shirts?
2. "So, you are going to match your little electric stick against my scimiter?"
3. "Good shooting hos!"
4. That's why they call them heroes.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

October Auctions: Colonials and Pulp!

 Presenting the October Auctions! All auction end at 5:00 pm US Pacific time zone on October 25th.

High Tech Jungle Tribe scratch built using North Star Miniatures and WizKids.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Gertrude Bell: The Queen of the Desert

"Al Khatun: The Queen of the Desert"

The world of 1895 is a breathtaking and fascinating time of adventure and discovery.  Though the London papers have been dominated with the recent headlines involving the daring adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Alan Quartermain and Colonel Dugald Campbell, VC, DSO, etc. An age of scientific advancement, mechanical wonders, and mysterious Mystical powers - but there has also been distress as master criminals, evil doers and the rise of other regional powers threaten the peace and stability of the British Empire and its allies.

Entering on the world stage at this time is an unlikely adventuress:  Gertrude Bell.

The eldest daughter of a British steel magnate, Gertrude Bell was born in 1869 at the height of stodgy, Victorian England. Possessing a keen mind and a determined disposition, she rejected the narrow life of a stayed and dignified British lady to excel at Oxford University at the age of 17. History was one of the few subjects women were allowed to study so she specialized in modern history receiving a first class honors degree in two years. 

 Gertrude Bell

Upon graduation and supported by her family's wealth she was free to indulge her passion for adventure, be it climbing the Swiss alps or traipsing through Arabian deserts. before ambitiously embarking upon a series of grueling travels through the Middle East. 

 Gertrude Bell in Babylon.

Though famous as an English writer and traveler, Her Majesty's government realized her importance and she has served as political officer, administrator, spy and archaeologist exploring and mapping the unknown regions of the earth. 
She has become highly influential to British imperial policy-making due to her knowledge and contacts, built up through extensive travels in North Africa, Greater Syria, Mesopotamia and Arabia. In addition, she is the first female Intelligence officer employed by the British Army.

"Huzzah!" proclaims Professor Nightingale in celebration of Gertrude Bell discovering another lost city. 

Here are some suggested rules for using Gertrude Bell, CBE as a character for In Her Majesty's Name (Paid Link):

Pluck: 2+
Fighting Value: +1
Shooting Value: +2
Speed: +0
Cost: 69 points
Talents: Leadership +2, Erudite Wit, Fearless, Inspirational, Stealthy, Impervious, Meticulous Planning, Master of Disguise
Basic Equipment: Brigandine, pistol and machete

28mm Miniature by Pulp Figures.

"No woman in recent time has combined her qualities – her taste for arduous and dangerous adventure with her scientific interest and knowledge, her competence in archaeology and art, her distinguished literary gift, her sympathy for all sorts and condition of men, her political insight and appreciation of human values, her masculine vigour, hard common sense and practical efficiency – all tempered by feminine charm and a most romantic spirit." - From her obituary.