Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Mechanical Arachnids of Fu Manchu (Episode 5.16.1)

 Look at my beautiful creations.

Name: Mechanical Arachnid
Pluck: 5+
Leadership: 0
Speed: Moving: 9"; Running +4"
Fighting Value: +3
Shooting Value: 0
Talents: Lightning Draw (Fighting), Fearless (it's a machine!), Poisonous, Stealthy
Basic Equipment: Mechanical Leg (Weapon Bonus +1, Pluck Penalty 0), Green Mist dynamo
Armor: 11
Cost: 33

The diabolical invention is powered by the Green Mist serum.

The legs are poisonous due to the Green Mist serum and are deadly in an attack.

The Mechanical Arachnids make excellent guards.

"I understand that you have a particular problem Professor. Maybe I can be of assistance?  For a price . . ."

The Shadow and Lady Blue fight off the Mechanical Arachnids of Fu Manchu.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Adventure of the Secret Lair (Episode 5.16)

From the Secret diaries of Dr. John Watson, MD: "Of course! That's the solution," exclaimed Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
"What's the solution?" I inquired.
"Who is behind it all! When Lord Ridgewell Hawkes Bickford-Smith was strangled in Berkshire (pp. 30, Sleeping Tiger, Rising Sun), he was strangled with a silk yellow rumal. This silk comes from China - but this was not just ordinary silk! It was silk produced by the larva of a silkmoth fed exclusively Osage orange. It is highly dependent on humans for reproduction, as a result of millennia of selective breeding conducting by the Chinese tong known as the Si-Fan. ONLY one man controls the Si-Fan, and based on the clay soil fragment found at Bickford-Smith manor it only matches the clay of the original Underground Station built in 1868 that is no longer in use and partially caved in.

 Bickford-Smith Manor

The murderer must have gotten the silk rumal at this location, and this location is the Secret Lair of Fu Manchu!!!
"Hunh?" I said.
"Come Watson! The games afoot!

 Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and the brave men of Scotland Yard.
 The Nefarious (BWAH HAH HAH) Fu Manchu.

Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian), who actually came up with the Miskatonic University Adventuring Company was visiting from New England with his beautiful bride (The Future Doctor) and of course it was an opportunity to skip back to 1895. Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian) played Scotland Yard, while I played the sinister Fu Manchu (BWAH HAH HAH!). The scenario was quite simple but challenging: Scotland Yard had to find the canister of Green Mist (the marker is see next to the Alabama cup) which could be in one of three locations in the Secret Lair as marked by treasure chests. If the Green Mist is removed to prevent it from being used on London, it is 20 Victory Points.

Oh yeah, what would a secret lair be without a damsel in distress. If Lady Fionnula Tambling-Goggin is rescued that is 5 Victory Points. Also the usual points for taking out of the game Leaders and opposing figures.

 The Thunder Warrior bravely charges ahead on his own!
Holmes enters the Secret Lair . . . 

 . . . and foolishly runs ahead of the constables only to be blocked in a narrow corridor by two Thunder Warriors.
Han Xin, the loyal man mountain of a bodyguard, blocks an opening so no one can get to his master Fu Manchu.
Meanwhile . . . the good doctor and other constables conduct a flanking maneuver in an adjacent room.

Holmes fires his trusty pistol - and misses.

Te Gong Shu swings his mighty hammer, striking The Gong which causes sound waves to eminate in an 8 inch radius and only affects the opposing team. Oh, and Fu Manchu is on the left smiling.

Holmes takes the brunt of the dastardly, and lets face it, ungentlemanly sonic attack, and is knocked down.

A volley of pistol shots ring out and the mighty Han Xin does his imitation of Swiss Cheese.

Holmes leaps to his feet, only to be engaged by both Thunder Warriors.

My name is Fu Manchu, you killed my bodyguard, prepare to die.

Run Forrest, I mean Watson!

Holmes is whacked multiple times on the side of the head and is out of the game. 

Fu Manchu uses his martial arts skills and his Dragon Talons to remove a bobby from the game.

Let me introduce you to my little friend.

A furious melee erupts as one doctor comes face to face with another doctor as he attempts to use his Medic talent to save one of London's finest.

Hmmm, what's around this corner?

Not looking good for the boys in blue.

Another sonic Gong attack!!!

Where do you think you are going?

Yikes! Two of them.
No . . . make that one.

Yep . . . it's two.

Dang, those last pistol shots were mighty close.

Te Gong Shu is about to strike the Gong again when he goes down in a blaze of pistol shots - I just forgot to take of picture of his melodramatic death.

Scotland Yard almost gets the Green Mist but is foiled by the bravery of the two Thunder Warriors - and the hideous death of the officer carrying the Green Mist away by Fu Manchu. It was too gruesome to take a picture but poison was involved.

At that point Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian) conceded the game - but the beauty of In Her Majesty's Name is the quick play and we had time for another game. In the second game Scotland Yard was triumphant! The boys in blue did not allow themselves to be trapped in corridors and spread out and advanced through multiple rooms. In addition, both Thunder Warriors broke their swords though the bare chested Thunder Warrior managed to be a wrath of destruction with his martial arts. The Green Mist was captured but they forgot about the damsel (oh well). Any way . . . for the War of the Witches we are going to pretend that the second game never happened (it's my blog). BWAH HAH HAH!!!

Mid Credit Scene:

 "Don't worry Holmes", shouts Dr. Watson, "We will rescue you!"

End of Credit Scene:

"Do you like my new friends, Mr. Holmes?"

Thursday, August 15, 2019

IHMN: 14th Sikh's Special Action Company (Pulp Figures)

The 14th Sikh's Special Action Company

  Following the Roopkund Lake Incident with Chinese Imperial Forces, in which the Gordan Highlanders and the 14th Sikh's under the overall command of Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO, etc., fought off and defeated mysterious elements within the Chinese forces, it became apparent that more specialized units, like the Shanghai-La Fusiliers would be needed in India. The 14th Sikhs earned battle honors at Lucknow, 1878 Afghanistan, 1878 Ali Masjid, Defence of Chitral 1895, (Roopkund Lake has been neither confirmed or denied) and was an obvious candidate to train in more specialized tactics.

 The decision is made.

Colonel Armstrong took his concerns to "the government" and it was decided to experiment with some of the most prestigous units in the Indian Army and that they would receive the latest technology and experimental weapons. The first unit chosen, of course, was the 14th Sikh's.

The figures used for the 14th Sikh's Special Action Group come from Pulp Figures packs PBT 05 Sikh Rifles and PBT 06 Sikh Special Weapons.

 As the 14th SSAC will be a small, fast moving elite unit, it was decided to provide them several experimental weapons:

Beware the old man in a young man's profession.

The Lee-Enfield Mark III "Quartermain" Sniper Rifle. It was decided after numerous engagements (and casualties) that a new long range weapon would be needed to deliver aimed, accurate fire at Her Majesty's enemies. As an outgrowth of the Lee-Enfield rifle, the Lee-Enfield Mark III (LEM III) was developed and is currently being field tested by elite units. It did not take long for Her Majesty's  finest riflemen to nickname the LEM III "The Quartermain".

Lee-Enfield Mark III "Quartermain" Sniper Rifle:

SV Bonus: +5 (Built in Monocular Targeting Array)
Range: 36"
Hands Required: 2
Pluck Penalty: -2
Cost: 23
Notes: User must have the Hunter Talent (5 points), if not, it is only a Military rifle without a bayonet. As a experimental weapon, if you roll a fumble on a D10 (a natural "1") you must roll twice instead of the normal once. The soldier may also have the Marksman talent for 5 points.

The Brimble "Bumble Bee" Light Machine Gun

The Brimble "Bumble Bee" Light Machine Gun was an idea by Professor Brimble Nightengale for a portable, mobile machine gun capable of being operated by one or two men that could use its high rate of fire to pin down enemy troops and machine guns.

The Brimble "Bumble Bee" Light Machine Gun:

SV Bonus: +5 
Range: 24"
Hands Required: 2
Pluck Penalty: -2
Cost: 15
Notes: As a experimental weapon, if you roll a fumble on a D10 (a natural "1") you must roll twice instead of the normal once. Instead of a Military Rifle the soldier will carry a pistol instead for 3 points.

Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM, is a rising star in the Indian Army. As a young student, he considered becoming a doctor. He was an exceptional student of Zoology and Biology. But the wars of the late 19th Century motivated him to join the army. When asked whether he ever regrets the choice made, Bikram said, "If I were ever to be born again, I would only join the Indian Army." Colonel Armstrong remembers him for being a 'soldier's soldier' for spending time and working hard with his troops on the ground. Bikram Singh also carries the Khanda Sword of Justice given to him by his father, Subedar-major Ranjit Singh.

Name: Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM
Pluck: 3+
Leadership: +2
Speed: 0
Fighting Value: +4
Shooting Value: +2
Talents: Duelist (sword), Fearless, Inspirational, Iron Will, Tough, Skirmisher, Stealthy
Basic Equipment: Jack, pistol, The Khanda Sword of Justice (+3 Weapon bonus; -2 Pluck penalty)
Armor: 8
Cost: 67

Name: 14th Sikh Special Action Company
Pluck: 4+
Leadership: 0
Speed: 0
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +1
Talents: Bayonet Drill, Skirmisher, Stealthy
Basic Equipment: Jack, military rifle, sword, bayonet
Armor: 8
Cost: 31

One 14th Sikh SSAC may be upgraded to Halvidar (Sergeant) at 36 points. Shooting Value is increased to +2 and Leadership is +1. He may purchase the Tough Talent for 5 points. Any 14th Sikh SSAC NCO or Private may take Explosive Grenades at 6 points, have the Grenadier Talent for 3 points and may have the Marksman Talent for 5 points. Sikhs must always carry a sword.

14th Sikh SSAC with Congreve Rocket Gun.

One 14th Sikh SSAC can be upgraded to a Sapper by adding the Engineer Talent (5 points) and increasing Shooting Value to +2. The Sapper may have a Congreve Rocket Gun (7 points) and three rocket grenades costed by points.

 14th Sikh SSAC with Arc Rifle.

One 14th Sikh SSAC can carry an Arc Rifle and Arc Generator (20 points)

Arc Generators are heavy and carried on the back by this member of the 14th Sikh SSAC

Orders have been issued as rumors of the rise of the Thugs has reached the highest levels of the Raj and Colonel Armstrong is eager to show the value of the 14th Sikh SSAC.