Monday, December 26, 2011

4th Swiss Regiment WIP #2

I was able to finish painting the 4th Swiss and base them on Christmas night. I am very pleased with the result; but then again, I'm an unabashed fan boy for Perry Miniatures.

After painting and adding the packs to the the figures, I think that the packs without bedrolls may be for the figures in overcoats. Oh well, the figures will stay and fight in "climate controlled" battlefields so I don't think they will be too uncomfortable.

Whoops! Just noticed some blue paint on the white turnback I'll need to paint over.

I still need to print off a flag, add a label to the base (forgot to put that on first before gluing the figures!) and then add some flocking and terrain to the base.


  1. look great looking forward to seeing the scenics added!

  2. Lovely stuff as usual, look forwd to seeing the finished product.

    I'm a little jealous you only have to paint 8 minis for each unit - 20+ is very time-consuming!


  3. Phyllion - One of the advantages of Volley and Bayonet! It's the size of the base not the figures. I have seen games using 54mm figures; about 4 infantry per stand and 2 cav per stand. I play the War of Spanish Succession with Volley and Bayonet in 15mm and use 12 figures per stand for infantry and 5 figures for cavalry.

  4. What a good looking bunch. I enjoy the flexibility of figure basing in V&B. I use 15mm figures. The number of figures on my bases average 14 or 15, but I do have one base of Jagers moving through a wheat field with only four figures on it.

  5. Very nice looking figures, love the colours on the drummer.