Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Photographic Diversion

Yea!  The stitches are out of my painting hand.  My hand is still a little sore but I should be able to get back to finishing Samuel Jones' Regiment for the ECW pretty soon.

As a diversion the other night, I did what most grown men do:  I got out some of the troops and took some pictures.  The following are Honorable Son #4's Late War British Army for World War II.  He painted the tanks and vehicles and I did the men.  All are from Battle Honors for Flames of War. 

The British Army's secret weapon: Bagpipes

Moving the PIAT anti-tank weapon into position

Tanks and infantry in M5 half-tracks

 3 inch mortars in support

 British infantry advancing

 Cromwell IV tank in overwatch

 Sherman Firefly VC covering British infantry preparing to breach the barb wire

 Watching the other flank

 Sexton self propelled artillery

Timely air support


  1. Beautiful work from both of you. Fantastic photos too!

  2. Very nice collection of miniatures. They should give you any number of FOW options.