Friday, May 10, 2013

English Civil War Update

It's amazing how quickly you can paint without stitches in your hand.  I am almost done with Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foot.  All I need to do is finish the bases.

Figures are Warlord Games plastic infantry except for the Wargames Foundry figure next to the flag

Next up will be the King's Lifeguard of Foot.  Why them you ask?  Mainly because they have cool flags. 

 Free downloadable flags from Wargames Design

They are going to be more heavily armored for show so I decided to paint a test figure that is almost finished.  Experimenting with a quick paint style of block painting and washes.  I just need to do the highlights and the figure will be finished.  Based on how quickly this figure went, I think it won't be long until the King's Lifeguard will be mustered in Oxford.

From Warlord's ECW plastic infantry

Next up are two officers; the mounted by Perry Miniatures and the dismounted chap from Wargames Foundry (though I believe sculpted by the Perry's).  The mounted officer will be a brigade commander and I'm thinking that the other officer will command the King's Lifeguard.

I mounted the horse on the base first and did the terrain using a pumice resin mix.  All it needs is some static grass.  I will be taking more time with this figure but decided also to block paint and use washes.  I first primed the figures with watered down Chaos Black from Games Workshop; it was essentially a thick black wash which really helps bring out the detail for painting.

The same technique was used for the dismounted officer and I am really pleased with the results.  I usually take more time to paint the officers and "specialty" figures to make them really stand out.  For the rank and file . . . well, that's the life of the poor enlisted blighters.


  1. Excellent work on all of these. Very, very nice. Best, Dean

  2. Fantastic looking minis, a fabulous work...great flags too!

  3. Great work! Thanks for inspiration!