Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Monday, July 29, 2013

DBM Late Roman Army

I was looking for a book in my closet Friday night and I came across a CD that had pictures of some of my older armies from days of yore.  I no longer have this army but do have some fond memories of victories and defeats - it was a fun army to game.  It is a 15mm Mid to Late Imperial Roman/Patrician Roman army that I put together with many options for DBM.  Figures are a mix of Essex and Old Glory.

In the foreground are Old Glory heavy Germanic cavalry leading the charge followed by Old Glory light Germanic cavalry.  I'm not exactly sure which packs they came from but they painted up nicely and portray Goths, Vandals, etc. for use for and against the Romans.  Don't quote me on the "official" designations but I believe they are Knights (Ir) and Light horse (Ir).  That's one of the General stands in the very front.

In the background is various Roman cavalry: Cataphracts, Cliibarnii and Heavy Cavalry.  The Roman horse are Essex miniatures.

Close up of a mounted General base and a dismounted General base.

What would a Roman army be without Roman Legionnaires?  Just in front is a Roman mounted General base.  Figures are Essex.

Roman Auxiliary troops.  Next to them on the left side I think were Roman Auxiliary fast troops?  It's been a long time since I played DBM.  Figures again from Essex.

Roman Archers from Essex with some Roman Heavy Cavalry behind.

Another mounted Roman General with one Old Glory figure.  The Roman artillery behind it is Old Glory with a horse to make them fast artillery.  I know I freely mixed "figures" from different periods but I figured the Roman quartermasters were slow delivering the modern helmets and anyway . . . I'm not afraid of the fashion police!

If I remember correctly, I think this was usually my Commander in Chief since he has the purple on his tunic.  I wish the picture was in better focus because I thought I did a good job painting him!

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