Saturday, September 7, 2013

Warlord Games Ranter - Not!

When I purchased Warlord Games' Fire and Brimstone pack for the English Civil War, frankly, I had no idea of what I could do with the Ranter, or Political Agitator.  With his political pamphlet tucked in his hat, I knew that he might cause problems in the ranks of my forces.  No dissent allowed in my forces!

The rules I am using, Victory Without Quarter, uses element basing and markers for casualties.  By bending the Ranter carefully back and adding a partizan to his open hand, he is now a valiant Sergeant being felled by a musket ball.  Instant casualty marker for Jones' Regiment of Foot.

For more on Victory Without Quarter please visit the Quindia Studios site at: http://www.quindia.com/studiointro.htm


  1. Nice one. So do you have to have a casualty marker for each unit?

  2. Mike - I'm planning on doing 2 casualty markers per unit. Once a unit takes 3 casualties, it is removed from the game. The casualty system is similar to Warmaster; 3 hits equals a casualty.

  3. He is too beautiful to die - poor soldier! You paint that figure so marvellously - great!!