Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Highlander Clansmen!

While painting units for my English Civil War project, I've been painting 3 to 5 Highlander Clansmen at the same time.  I am mounting them for Victory Without Quarter and decided that 5 to a stand with 3 stands per unit would give the "right" feel for my rowdy ancestors.  Stands are 60mm x 60mm plywood from Litko.

The figures are from Warlord Games and are cleanly cast and a pleasure to paint.  Each figure has an "unique" personality and are nicely animated.

An excellent source for kilt tartan patterns (and a bunch of other cool stuff) is the excellent blog Project Auldearn 1645.  The flag that is carried came from the site.

I didn't notice until I looked at the above picture that I accidentally swiped some dark brown on the sock of the bagpiper when I was painting the sand on the base.  Well, it's hardly noticeable and I will not be trying to fix it!

Only 5 figures to go and the unit will be complete.  Instead of starting another unit while I paint them, I'm just going to finish up these 5.  I'm planning on having 2 Clansmen units so another 15 after that!


  1. I particularly like the kilt on the far left hand (as you look at it) figure. That green/yellow/red looks very good, sir.

    -- Jeff