Friday, May 9, 2014

Army Command for the English Civil War

Honorable Son #2 will be departing for his officer basic course with Honorable Daughter-in-Law #2 in about 5 weeks so of course he wanted to have one more game before he goes.  Since I've been working on my English Civil War project (hint, hint) we decided that Victory Without Quarter would be the perfect send off.  For the game we are going to draft Honorable Sons #1, #3, #4 and #5 to be subordinate commanders during the game.

Just in time (I will be doing no painting, repeat, no painting leading up to the wedding in 9 days) I finished the army commands for both the Royalists and Parliament.

First up is King Charles I from Warlord Games with the Royal Standard carried by a hard plastic infantry officer from the Warlord Games ECW infantry box.

Flag from the wonderful site Wargames Designs.

The foreshadowing on the back of the command stand is an accessory from GW's Bretonnian Archers hard plastic box.

For Parliament we have the Earl of Essex by Warlord Games being cheered on by a Wargames Foundry officer.

The cuirassiers providing a Lifeguard for the Earl and the mounted officer are from Perry Miniatures.


  1. What Dean said!! :-) Love great looking command bases, they can be the best part of historical armies.

  2. Nice command stands, the little extra's on the bases add a lot of character to them!

  3. Splendid, love the colors!