Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Clans have Gathered

I have finished the second Highland clansmen unit for my English Civil War project using the rules Victory Without Quarter.  Of course they can be used with just about any rule set for the 1600 - 1750's time period.

 The finished clan unit

Another view

Seems there is a musket hole in this bonnet!  I did not notice the black spot until now.


The highland clansman taking one for the clan came from the Highlander Casualties blister pack and are not sold individually.  There are 4 different casualty figures with a total of 12 figures.  I'll be using the other casualty figures for hit markers for the clan units and some will be painted for my future Covenanter units.


As mentioned in previous posts, the figures are from Warlord Games and have been a pleasure to paint.  The sculpting of the faces scream character and I love the fact that the figures can be purchased individually except for the casualties.

Here are some pictures of the Laird leading his combined forces.


  1. I like a lot and hopre to follow in your painting footsteps

  2. Those are great looking lads. They'll do justice on any table. Well done.

  3. Aargh, the look terrible and also so sympathetic in one! Great job with the handsome lads. I love the Scots!


  4. Outstanding! A beautiful, colored and great work!