Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO

Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO is the father of Coira Armstrong, adventuress and all around good gal who seems to always be in the wrong place at the right time.  Colonel Armstrong has served long and loyally in India and the surrounding area always at the tip of the spear where the British Empire needs him most.  An infantry soldier by profession he has served in numerous British and Indian regiments including the Gordon Highlanders, the Seaforth Highlanders, The Iron Duke's Own Rifles,  the 14th Sikhs and the 15th Sikhs.  He is currently on "shooting" leave after putting down the rebellion of the notorious Khoda Khan but has been spotted in the area of the Punjab.  Russian and Chinese sources believe that he is preparing for an expedition to Chitral.

 Colonel Armstrong and his daughter Coira.

The figure I used for the fictional Colonel Armstrong is from Artizan Designs and is included in the blister pack NWF0010 - British Officer Afghan War.  I thought he looks particular distinguished wearing his Poshteen and blue army service trousers.  Coira is from the Copplestone Castings Back of Beyond range and is included in BC19 Female Archeologists. The Colonel will make a fine addition to In Her Majesty's Name and will also be featured on the dining room table when I start to play The Men Who Would be Kings.

Colonel Armstrong is known to go on patrol with his forces and occasionally other "visits" on behalf of the Viceroy:

Pluck: 3+
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +3
Speed: 0
Talents: Leadership +3, Inspirational, Fanatic, Fearless, Meticulous Planning
Basic Equipment: SRC breastplate, pistol and sword
Cost: 79 points

 Colonel Armstrong, Coira and Ranjit Singh on the left accompanied by men of the 14th Sikhs.

One of the finest officers in the Empire.


  1. He is my favourite of the Artizan NWF figs! Great job on him!

    1. Gordon I know what you mean. When I got him out of the blister he definitely screamed "character" with his pose and gaze.

  2. Fine work and very inspiring! I'll have to see if I can drum up any interest in IHMNor TMWWBK at the local club...

    1. Bill we have had a blast playing IHMN and what I really like is that all ages enjoy it. I am looking forward to TMWWBK.