Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Frontier Light Horse

Lieutenant Colonel Redvers Buller, VC, leads the Frontier Light Horse through the gauntlet on Hlobane Mountain. 

Continuing with my Anglo-Zulu War 1/72 project is the Frontier Light Horse led by (then) Lieutenant Colonel Redvers Buller, VC. The miniatures I selected are once again from HaT.
Cover art on the box.

The box set comes with 3 sprues of 4 mounted, 4 horses and 1 dismounted figure. The set is very versatile as I can see them also easily being used as Boers.  Since I am mounted for The Men Who Would be Kings I will have some extras left over one of the figures with the pistol will be painted as the leader of a Natal Native Horse contingent.

Back of the box.

In July 1878 the unit of 276 officers and men marched from King William's Town to Pietermaritzburg and then to Sekhukhuneland for service there. They fought under Captain Robert Johnston Barton in Wood's Column during the Anglo-Zulu War. They acted as rearguard at Hlobane on 28 March 1879 where 20% of the 156 members were lost.

 The full unit organized as Irregular Cavalry. 
Captain Barton, the commanding officer was killed during the defeat at Hlobane. At the end of that year the unit was disbanded. Two members of the Frontier Light Horse, Captain Cecil D'Arcy and Sergeant Edmund O'Toole were awarded the Victoria Cross for their acts of valour in endeavouring to save the lives of soldiers during the reconnaissance made before the Battle of Ulundi on 3 July 1879.

 Buller is dressed in a blue patrol jacket.

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