Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

42nd Highlanders - All Done

I am now satisfied with the base for the 42nd Highlanders.

As a general rule of thumb, I usually use the same basing technique and style for an army; it gives a unifying effect. With the units for my Napoleonic Volley and Bayonet armies, the units have a variety of finished bases. It actually happened by mistake as I have experimented with various basing styles while I've been painting them. The first units I just used green flocking, then moved on to sand (which took forever to do and was difficult to paint around based figures - this was before I discovered the wonders of pumice) and back to flocking with the addition of static grass.

Here is how I did the base:

1. Before mounting the figures, I prime the wood with flat black, add the label on the back edge and then glue the figures on with ordinary white glue. After the glue is dry I use blended turf from Woodland Scenics which is available in most hobby stores or online to cover the base. I mix in equal parts of Green Blend and Earth Blend and put it in a plastic tupperware tub that is not too deep. Again using white glue, I put it on the base in different areas in "globs" and then spread it out with an old, wet paint brush to get and even effect.

2. I then add tall grass, rocks and bushes. The tall grass is also from Woodland Scenics; I used Field Grass - Harvest Gold and Field Grass - Medium Green. When I first started using field grass it was recommended to use a glue like Hob-e-tac; in my experience it takes to long to dry and can be hard to work with. Super glue works great. For the small rocks I use Talus and affix it with (surprise) white glue. The bushes are various hobby lichens.

3. For the last step I scrape away some of the flocking for where I want to put the static grass. A little watered down white glue is put on the spot and then I sprinkle on straw-colored static grass from GaleForce Nine.

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