Thursday, November 25, 2010

Indian Mutiny Preview

I was working on a scenario for the Indian Mutiny and I took a few pictures. Just a quick preview of some of the units.

For gaming the Mutiny, I use a delightful set of rules called Sepoy by Graham Evans. The basic unit is the Company represented by 6 figures or the 3 figures for a squadron of cavalry. The above pictures do not represent how the game is organized as I was just working out the game balance of the scenario. More on Sepoy later.


  1. Very nice blog Neil, love your collection of miniatures. Saw your family history, now that's what a call a military family!!
    My grandfather was a Sergeant in the Royal Australian Artillery.

  2. My goodness! Someone who actually plays Sepoy???

    We haven't played them for years and years, although I recycle to officer incidents for us in other games and periods.

  3. Forgot to ask, - did you ever play the game? If so, where are the pictures???

  4. Trebain - Need to finish the Baluchi Regiment first; then it will be game on!

  5. So you've discovered Sepoy too! I find the melee a bit slow but like you love the officer incidents.

  6. I didn't discover them; I wrote them!

    I never liked the melee rules that much either. I didn't change them much to keep the game close to "File Leader" so players could move easily from one to another.

    You'll also note that they were going to be called "Havelock" but Dave Ryan changed the name and put them out without giving me a chance to change the text.

  7. They are a great rule set - you did a great job! I also have the set Ranger.