Sunday, September 11, 2011

Favorite Figures - Some more Warhammer Empire

Just as a reminder - I like flags. Here are some more Warhammer Empire Figures featuring flags:

These figures can be assembled from the hard plastic, multi-part kit Empire State Troops. The box currently comes with 10 figures and only enough parts to make one standard bearer. As with all Games Workshop kits, there are quite of few options for heads, weapons, etc., to make the figures unique.

The flags are based on regiments from the Kingdom of Bavaria from the period of the War of Spanish Succession in the early 1700's.

Arrghh! Well, September 19th is National Talk like a Pirate Day.

The animation on this figure looks relaxed, yet dangerous.

I like the large pistol resting on his shoulder. Just don't stand behind him (safety violation) as it is not pointed up and down range.

This is the Empire Griffon Standard Bearer. Griffon heraldry appears to be popular in the Empire; just like the Nike swoosh in our culture. Currently this figure is not available in retail stores in the USA, but it can be ordered online or by phone.

Last but not least, though not flag bearers are two more figures.

Last but not least is a leader figure. Above and below is a "champion" (leader) of Empire State Troops. Personally, I think he looks pretty cool with a two-handed sword.


  1. Nice work. Those hand-painted banners are excellent; the griffon especially well painted. I wonder if you added some highlights to them, they might look even nicer; still great work all-around. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice flags. I have given up trying to paint my own. Nowhere near as good as these.