Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers) Complete

The fine chaps at Whitehall have done a marvelous job with the mustering of forces for Arthur Wellesley's forces for the Iberian Peninsula with the arrival of the 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers) and the steady, but never a slave to fashion, LTG Thomas Picton.

Rankers, NCO and drummer from Wargames Foundry. Officers from Front Rank Miniatures.

Both officers are the same figure. To make them look different on the stand, I just positioned one facing to the right and gave him lighter hair.

Somehow they ended up with the colors of the 92nd Foot - Roman numbers were never my strong suit. I'll fix it later.

With the arrival of the latest troops, Wellelsey's force now has 10 Brigades of infantry, 6 independent units of light infantry, 2 brigades of light cavalry, 6 general officers and the army headquarters.

LTG Picton figure from Perry Miniatures. Need to clean up the loose tall grass!

Picton demonstrating what the well dressed general officer should be wearing with proper accessories.

Rumor has it that the Emperor of France is demanding equal time from the painting depot and that several regiments of line and light infantry may be on the way.


  1. Great to see another blog covering Volley & Bayonet. I look forward to reading updates and to seeing Picton take the field.

  2. Beautiful figures painted to a very high standard. Great work.

  3. TWR - Love Volley and Bayonet. Planning on having a big War of Spanish Succession game over the Christmas break and hopefully will have our first Peninsular War game this summer.

  4. looking real nice love Mr Picton there

  5. Great looking units and really nice paint jobs.

  6. These look fantastic, nice work. I've just started working on my own Connaught Rangers in 28mm, your images have proved an invaluable guide.

  7. picton was an asshole he hated the connaught rangers called them irish footpads . to be fair he was disliked by most of the army.