Saturday, January 28, 2012

Perry French Imperial Guard Horse Artillery WIP

I finally got started on the French Imperial Guard Horse artillery from Perry Miniatures. I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is nothing like painting great miniatures to bring out the best you have as a painter. These figures are a pleasure to paint. The base colors have been finished and now it's time to do some highlighting, detail work and clean-up of some painting "mistakes". The finished product will provide 2 batteries of artillery for the Emperor's Volley and Bayonet army.

I think that technically the above figure is an NCO, but I decided to paint him based on a print of an Imperial Guard Horse Artillery officer at Waterloo. Looking at the picture, I need to clean up the cuff and gold trim on his right arm.

Above are the other 3 gunners that come with the pack.
I recently started using mounting the figures on bottle caps when I paint. Previously I would put them on hobby craft sticks; but now that I am doing more 28 mm figures, the craft sticks were not working as well for me - especially for this period! More straps, lace, etc., to paint - not to mention poking myself with bayonets and hoping I don't break them off.

This figure screamed old campaigner to me. Most of the time I paint the faces first as it gives the figure "character" and helps motivate me as the painter. Nicely animated pose; you can imagine him sighting down the barrel or making sure all is ready to fire on the enemies of France.

Just a shot of the Battery commander and the old campaigner. The pictures really does not do justice to the coveralls that all of the figures are wearing.

Parting shot of the other two figures that will be on the other battery. Once done, I'm going to repaint some old Minifig artillery pieces for them to use. The 8 pounder that came with the pack I'm going to use with the Line Foot artillery pack.