Sunday, February 5, 2012

Perry French Imperial Guard Horse Artillery WIP #2

As I mentioned last time, I mount 2 gunners per base for my Volley and Bayonet artillery in 28mm. Since I have 4 Guard Horse and 4 Line I was short 2 guns. I have 2 old French Guns that I have kept for along time with my "bits" and I believe they are Minifig 25mm. My plan is to utilize them as 6 lb guns. One of the guns has a broken axle so I sent it to the local depot for repairs.

Tools for repair will be the hand drill I bought from Games Workshop, a wire cutter, some small files (not shown) and super glue.

Brass rod is extremely handy an available in various diameters in most hobby shops. I have used brass rod for making standards and for strengthening the fit of some models.
I used the hand drill to drill out the old axle and make a deep enough hole for the brass rod. After a quick measurement and snip of the wire cutter, I put a few drops of super glue down the hole and inserted the brass.

I let the rod dry for five minutes and then glued on the wheel. I waited about 20 minutes to make sure the bond was set and then filed the end of the rod smooth.

I then gave the gun a quick (and I do mean quick!) paint job. For the wood I used GW's Goblin Greena and then a wash of Ork Flesh followed by a dry brushing of highlights with Camo Green. The metal fixtures are just black and the barrel was "wet" brushed with Shiny Gold.

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