Monday, July 30, 2012

Perry French Artillery in Overcoats - Finally done!

As the Emperor said,

 "Où est mon artillerie?"

The artillerymen have been lounging around the depot while waiting for the guns to be completed.  

For the guns, I went with a speed painting technique:  Primed Black, wood painted with Games Workshops Goblin Green, and then washed it with GW's Flesh wash.  The final look I think gives it a weathered, used look - like artillery actually in the field.  

The barrels were primed blacked and "wet washed" with GW's Shiny Gold.

As usual, they are mounted for Volley and Bayonet.  I like the wood bases which gives some space for hands to grab without touching the figures; in addition, with the scale of the game, I like the "Kriegspiel" look it gives!  It feels good to be painting and getting the forces moving again!

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