Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great Birthday Present

Received a great birthday present from Honorable Son #1 and his wife.  It is a vintage toy soldier produced by Barclay Manufacturing Company.

It is model number B9 American machinegunner and was made between 1935 - 1940.   

Barclay Manufacturing was formed by Leon Donze and Michael Levy in 1922. The name of the company came from Barclay Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. During the 1930s, the company was based in North Bergen, New Jersey. In its heyday Barclay produced 500,000 toys a week, making them the largest toy soldier manufacturer at that time in the United States. Prior to the company's temporary closing in 1942 due to World War II the foot soldiers were purchased individually for five cents.


  1. Congratulation on the present and I have also nominated you for a Liebster award, Check it out here


    keep up the good work and keep posting.


  2. Happy Birthday Mate! The gunner is a classic and to be treasured.

  3. ColKillgore - Thanks. And also thanks for the kind words about my blog!