Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warp . . . ugh . . . It's not the USS Enterprise

When I said “Warp 3 Mr. Sulu” I did not mean the bases for my English Civil War troops!  

The other periods that I game 28mm in are Late Romans and the Napoleonic period.  For the Late Romans I play Warhammer Ancients (though I have recently discovered Dux Bellorum – more on that later in another post!) and for my Napoleonic forces I have been mounting them for Volley and Bayonet.  With these forces, I have cut my own wood bases out of poplar from the local DIY store that are 5mm thick.  

 28 mm Foundry figures mounted on 5mm bases

For my English Civil War troops I wanted to use a thinner bases that were compatible with bases producer by Games Workshop.  I purchased what I believe was pine which is 3mm from the local hobby store.  Last night I noticed that the poor pikemen of Samuel Jones’ Regiment were performing a balancing act while trying to stay in formation.  My gut feel is that the spray paint probably warped the bases.  

 Steady lads . . . steady!

Then a chill ran up my spine.  I better check out Prince Rupert’s Regiment since they were complete.

Whew! (Wiping my brow) Not too bad.

The Major General in charge of both forces of the conflict has decided that this situation for mustering the men is unacceptable.  With approval from the Royal Treasury and Parliament, and order for bases has been placed with Litko Game Accessories,Ltd.  I look forward to receiving them as I have never tried them before and will hopefully have the rest of Jones’ Regiment painted before they arrive.


  1. I now it's come a bit late for these chaps...but...always paint both sides of porous materials at the same time - they'll dry straight! Then leave them for a few days before fixing anything to them...no guarantees though!


  2. Maverick - Thanks for the advice! I did not think of that.