Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lord Brooke's Regiment

Lord Brooke's Regiment is now ready to take the field!  In their distinctive purple coats, they are sure to amaze the fashion sense of any Royalist regiments they battle.  I am now well on my way to accomplishing my goal of 2 painted regiments of foot by the end of the year.

Figures are from the Warlord Games hard plastic English Civil War box.  The sword and matchlock musket on the ground are from the "Shotte down in Flames" English Civil War casualty pack.


On the left is a musketeer figure I converted into an officer with some extra arms from the command sprue.

 Speaking of casualties, here are two figures from the set to be casualty markers for the game Victory Without Quarter.

And a quick preview of the leader of the figures I received as a birthday present.


  1. Great looking regiment, very distinctive. Probably one of the very few from the ECW that the colour of the flag and uniform are actually know. Very nice.


  2. Fabulous colors for this great looking unit!

  3. Thanks all. They were fun to paint.