Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Units for the GW's Battle of Five Armies

I really enjoy painting 10 mm figures - in fact, I think they are easier than other scales.  I concentrate on painting the "unit" as opposed to the individual figures.  Focus on the armor, shields, some straps and flags and you will have fine looking units in no time.

I would not at all be surprised if GW releases the Battle of Five Armies again to coincide with the third Hobbit movie.  Here are the units that come with the game:

Here are the leaders of the Forces of Evil:  Bolg with banner, 2 Goblin leaders on wargs and 1 Goblin Shaman

Forgot to mention; the ruins come with the game to represent the destroyed city of Dale.
L to R: Dain Ironfoot, Bard, Gandalf and Bilbo, the Elf King and Thorin Oakenshield

There are 8 units of Goblin Infantry

2 Units of Wood Elf Infantry

2 Units of Elvish Archers

1 Unit of Archers of Men

1 Unit of Infantry from Rivertown

2 Units of Dwarves

Beorn in bear mode attacking Bolg the Goblin king

The Eagles

The Eagles again!

Elvish Infantry on one of the Spurs of Lonely Mountain.  There are 2 hill sections that come with the game.

4 units of Wargs

4 units of Wolf Riders

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  1. I have this boxed set as well. I think the figures are amongst GW's best work, - but then I'm not a fan of the modern 28mm figure anyway.

    I suspect you are wrong in your hope for the figures to be re-released. GW are putting so much into their larger Hobbit-themed figures that they won't risk cannabalising any of the market by putting out a simple all-in-one-box game.