Monday, January 13, 2014

Taunting Highland Clansman

An exclusive bonus figure comes with the Warlord Games Highland Clansmen boxed set - the "Taunting Highlander"!  Since Victory without Quarter uses markers, I thought this would be an excellent +1 morale for Scottish units or a -1 for other units.

"Good Lord man!  Now that is permanently seared into my memory!"
Little did Angus know, but the local Church of Scotland representative was going to smack his hindquarters with his sword.


  1. Very cool figures - this range from Warlord is pretty impressive. Nice sculpts, and your painting brings out the best in them. Dean

    1. Dean - Thanks. The plastic Warlord figures paint up fairly well but the metal figures are outstanding. Having great figures makes them easier to paint!

  2. What a cheeky fellow! In this country, this form of 'trash communication' was (and occasionally is) as much practised by Maori as the European colonists. There is a story from early on after contact with Europeans, that a war broke out between two northern tribes (Iwi). Tribe A set off the besiege and attack Tribe B in their pa (fortified village). Safe, as they figured, behind their strongly palisaded fortifications, the locals lined up along the walkways, turned about, and lifted their nether garments. Unfortunately for them, the visitors had acquired muskets...