Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Monday, December 15, 2014

Trident Designs 40 mm Figure

On December 9, 2014 I just happened to be on The Miniatures Page when suddenly I caught the headline:

Free 40mm Figure from MSC

We are giving away a free 40mm figure to the first 25 people who email us. These are for individuals who do not already have some of our figures. We would like to put one of them in your hand so you can take a close look at them. Also you must be in the U.S.A. to get the free figure. The cost of shipping overseas would be a bit expensive.

Let us know which of the three ranges you would like a figure from: AWI, ACW, or our Vanguard Men-at-Arms range. Then let us know which type of figure. For example: AWI Hessian, Vanguard Knight, or ACW Rebel.

Needless to say I fired off an email right away and fortunately I was one of the first 25 to email Doug Carroccio of the Miniature Service Center. I knew the service would be excellent as years ago MSC was the U.S. Distributor for Front Rank and I would purchase figures direct from Doug. I requested an ACW figure and it was mailed on Friday and arrived today in mail.

Wow.  The pictures do not do it justice. The figure even has "CS" on the belt buckle. There are no visible mold lines and no flash.  Wow.

From looking online there are 79 different Confederate soldiers including command and an extensive line of Union forces too.  The heads are separate with 15 different head packs available. Doug sent me CS 8 Standing firing, legs spread with blanket roll and one of the heads from HP 2 Slouch hats.

In addition Trident Designs has ranges for the French and Indian War, American Revolution, the Seven Years War and a range of Medieval Figures.

I am definitely going to enjoy painting this figure and I am already tempted looking at the pictures from all of the ranges.

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