Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP #1 Trident Designs 40mm American Civil War figure

I have never painted a 40mm figure and with the generous free sample from Doug Carroccio at The Miniature Service Center I now have the opportunity.

The head went on easily at the angle I wanted with super glue; a nice fit and it looks natural.  Speaking of natural, the proportions of the figure look extremely realistic.  After using white glue to put the figure on a soda cap and allowing it to dry, I used a thinned down coat of GW's Abaddon Black to prime the figure.  I have discovered that thinned flat black paint brings out the highlights of metal figures and makes it easier for me to paint.

 In this picture you can see the CS on the belt buckle.

I noticed after priming what appears to be some flash on the right side of the back. No big deal.

I usually like to paint the face first as that gives me an idea of the "character" of the figure. I used a base of GW Dark Flesh, followed by Dwarf Flesh and then Elf Flesh. (Note: I have a combination of GW paints with the old names and the new names. If you need the conversion chart, you can download a chart here: Citadel Conversion Chart.)  For now the hair is dark flesh - I'm not sure if I will add a highlight at this point or not.

Before I started to paint the uniform I pulled out my handy copy of Don Troiani's Civil War; one of the best investments in uniform and painting guides I ever made. The painting "Until Sundown" features the 6th Alabama at the battle of Antietam and the uniforms are based on a surviving shell jacket worn by the 6th Alabama. With this as a guide, I decided to paint the figure as a member of this regiment from my adopted home state.

The shell jacket started with a base of Adeptus Battle Grey followed by a coat of Dawnstone. To complete the base color for the shell jacket I used Kantor Blue for the collar and Bone White for the collar trim, cuff and jacket trim with just a small highlight of White Scar. For the pants and hat (in fact for anything that will have a shade of brown) I used Mournfang Brown as the base. After that dried I used a thinned down coat of Steel Legion Drab on the pants and then a thicker coat to smooth out the color.

 I missed a mold line on the hat! My eyes are not what they used to be!

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