Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What a Great First Quarter of 2016!

At the beginning of the new year I set my painting goals for the year.  I am actually amazed at how much progress I have made.  So here is the update based on the order I posted my goals:

1.  Finish my last English Civil War regiment of foot.  Nope. Still sitting on the painting table:

"We're still waiting . . . "

On the gripping hand, I did finish the brigade commanders I wanted to do:
The Cromwell brigade command stand and a Scotsman with a stomach ache.

The Lord Leven command stand will command (for now) my Irish Brigade.

2. I wanted to have some more companies for In Her Majesty's Name and by George, I did get some painted and ready to go:

 Scotland Yard.

Lord Raglan's Imperial Chinese Army.

I love the Reapers Miniatures Yeti.
More Adventurers in Deepest Darkest Africa.

Protecting the obelisk from those that would do good people harm.
On the India - Chinese border.

Teddy Roosevelt leads a stalwart band of heroes including Special Agent Thomas Sawyer and Colour Sergeant Bourne.

3. Dux Bellorum.  No progress on my King Arthur army yet but the shields for the Vikings are finally done.

4. Anglo-Zulu War.  I have finished my first unit for the Anglo-Zulu War for use with the upcoming rules by Daniel Mersey The Men Who Would Be Kings.

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