Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oldhammer: It's tough being Green

More blasts from the past as we have some of the units that made playing the Bad Guys fun!  Usually commanded by Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian)!

Every ork army needs at least one ruthless warlord to lead them . . . plus a loyal shaman who wears face paint.

This is why I always bring my longbowmen with me.

Nasty goblins!

More Gobbos!
I love painting trolls . . . this is where you need knights . . .lots of knights. The ocassional hero doesn't hurt to have also plus fire arrows.

A unit of mercenary ogres looking for plunder and loot with the green horde.

Not the brightest chaps in the army, but trolls tend to be bothersome.

Goblin warlord with his dog.

Boar chariot . . . of course.

Giant arrows!
Gobins and spiders and trolls . . . oh my!

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