Friday, December 30, 2016

An Oldie but Goodie: Fire and Fury

 I purchased the first edition of the rules way back in 1991 The pages are now falling out and there are creases, but I love it!  I'm not sure if it is in print anymore as the creator of the game is focusing on Regimental Fire and Fury. 

Fire and Fury is a grand tactical scale game that uses brigades as the maneuver elements allowing larger battles of the ACW to be fought. Players take on the role of Division and Corps commanders. Battles such as Gettysburg, Manassas and Antietam are easily recreated completely with this set of rules. It is not for gamers that want to dabble in the details of regimental level ACW wargaming but is suited for those that would rather recreate the larger battles of the war.

The game can be played with all scales with just some modification of base sizes.  I have seen the game played in 25mm, 15mm and 10mm.  I use 15mm with base sizes of 1" x 3/4" and mounting 3-4 infantry figures representing either 150 or 200 men while each gun model represents a complete battery of 6-8 guns. Units average 5-7 stands for Union and 6-9 stands for Confederate forces but can be as small or as large as necessary to represent historical brigades.  It was the first set of rules I saw that used markers (Disorder, low on ammunition, wrecked batteries, etc.) made from miniatures instead of casualty caps or cardboard chits like other wargames to add to the "feel" of the tabletop battle.

Each side alternates taking turns, first Union then Confederate. The turn's sequence of play is identical for each side, consisting of three phases: 

  • Maneuver Phase -- Each of the moving side's units is diced for prior to movement. Fire and Fury combines the morale with the movement of each unit. Units that are disordered or have suffered significant casualties will suffer, or recover from, loss of cohesion in this phase. Penalties range from limited movement to complete unit dispersal. Each unit may move in turn after their movement roll.
  • Musketry and Cannonade Phase -- All units which can fire may do so. Non-moving troops fire first, then moving troops in two separate sub-phases.
  • Charge (Combat) Phase -- Combat is resolved with a simple system of combat modifiers that are applied to each sides units die rolls. Combat results are applied immediately. Play then switches to the non-moving players phase.
As a gamer and former military history instructor, this game to me best simulates the ebb and flow of ACW battles.  But more importantly, it's a FUN GAME!  Sometimes we forget that they are games and we should be having fun with them!


  1. Yes it is a fun game indeed, as is its parent game, On To Richmond.

  2. Great post Neil, I love Fire and Fury. It was the set of rules that really got me into wargaming. I had dabbled with rulesets prior to these, leafed through the poor photocopies being passed off as rules, very often unfathomable and with few illustrations...and then I saw these rules...they changed everything for me - glossy, great pics, example illustrations, well written and they gave (and still give!) a superb game.

    I tend to play more Black Powder these days, but mainly because I am used to them now and can pick them up and 'go' without revision but I'll not part with my F&F rules as they form a big milestone in the hobby for me. I'm sure to play them again too!

    Best wishes,

  3. Fantastically detailed flags on many of your troops!


  4. Fire & Fury is one of my favourite rulesets. I believe there is a new edition due to be released in the not too distant future (just hope they haven't changed much!)

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