Thursday, November 30, 2017

Quick Paint German Imperial Marine Infantry Painting Guide

I've been experimenting with different ways of getting figures on the table quicker but still making sure they look good from a gaming distance.  Here is a technique I used recently for German Imperial Marine Infantry from Copplestone Castings; all paints are Vallejo unless otherwise noted.

I used for the primer Rust-Oleum Flat Brown Protective enamel.

 One coat of Dark Flesh for the faces and hands.

 Next use a watered down wash of GW Ratskin Flesh.

 Highlight with Dark Flesh.

 One coat of Green Ochre for the jackets and pants.  Touch up any thin looking areas of the uniform.
 Flat white for the helmets and the shoulder boards.

 Flat black for the webbing, buttons, boots , helmet straps and Imperial eagles on the helmets.

 GW Shiny Gold for the buttons, Imperial Eagles on the helmets, buttons and the officer's sword. Flat Black and then GW Golden yellow inside for the cockade on the helmet. 
Flat black for the bayonet handles and Flat Red inside the yellow cockade. Silver for the metal parts on the rifles.

 I use pre-cut bases and use Elmer's glue (PVA white glue) to affix the figures to their bases.

 I use the "glob" method of using watered down PVA glue to put regular hobby sand on the bases.  Once dry I put on another coating of watered down glue.

I then randomly put globs of watered down PVA glue on the bases and dip them in static grass.  Once dry spray with a clear, flat enamel to protect the figures.


  1. Nice painting guide!
    Could I dare to suggest you about doing some washing on the uniforms? I think the shadowing could dramatically and easlily improve the figures, which are already fine!

    1. Thanks. I might go back and do some shading later as the intent was to paint them as quickly as possible. Thanks again!