Saturday, December 2, 2017

Quick Paint Schutztruppe Askari Painting guide

 Another "quick" paint guide; unless noted all paints are Vallejo.

Once again I used as my primer Rust-Oleum Flat Brown.

 Hats, jackets and pants Green Ochre.

 The puttees are painted with Dark Blue.

 Webbing, scabbards and boots are all painted Flat Black.

 Bayonet handles are painted Flat Black and the metal on the rifles are painted Silver.

 I just realized looking at this picture that I forgot to do the buttons.  They should have been painted Flat Black and then GW Shiny Gold. Oh well.

PVA glue to get them on their stands . . . 

 Watered down globs of PVA glue to dip in the sand and once dry do another coating of watered down glue.

 Randomly spread some watered down PVA glue about and add some static grass/