Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017: The Miniature Year in Review, Part 1

This is the second year that I developed a yearly plan for my hobby of painting and gaming accurate representations of historical and fantasy figures in miniature (what my wife refers to "Toy Soldiers or simply your toys").  This year I did not stick entirely to the plan as I conducted some mid year changes; the most important being was finally launching my own business of selling miniatures on eBay as Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles.  So on to the year in review:

1. Finished my British Field Force for the 2nd Afghan War for the rules The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Huzzah!

 The British Field Force for TMWWBK

2.  Start and finish an Afghan Regulars Field Force for the 2nd Afghan War for The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Currently I plan on doing 2 to 3 Afghan Army Infantry units, 1 to 2 Afghan Army cavalry units, 1 to 2 Afghan Tribal units and 1 Afghan Army artillery unit.

This did not go according to plan as I decided to sell the Afghan units I had painted on eBay.  One day though! 

3. Finally finish the last 2 cavalry units I need to for my King Arthur army for Dux Bellorum as the Saxons are starting to make inroads.  Done!  Huzzah!

 Arthur and his "knights"
 Light Cavalry

4. Some add on figures and maybe an additional company for "In Her Majesty's Name."  Okay . . . as I love these rules there is no kill like an overkill.  Not only did I paint a gazillion figures for this game I also decided to do the lost city of Opar:

Lord Greystoke's Company

The Queen's Own African Rifles (with Congreve Rocket Gun) 

Colonel Sir Robert Warburton, KCIE, CSI

 The Lost City of Opar
 The Main Bridge into the Lost City of Opar

Hans, Lady Greystoke and Professor Nightengale survey the ruins

Next up:  More Europeans and the Natives.


  1. Some wonderful stuff in there. Your jungle table is a corker.

    1. Most of the terrain for the jungle table is aquarium scenery. Best kept secret in the hobby.