Thursday, February 1, 2018

One Hour Wargames Campaign: The Second Battle - Control the River

After the disastrous loss by the Grand Duchy of Bluhofen during the first battle with Principality of Redsteinerburg during the "War of Great Grazing Area Succession Dispute" or simply "The Pig War, the remnants of the Army of Bluehofen retreated to the Lahn River to protect the crossings and prevent Redsteinerburg from reaching the first principal town in Bluehofen.

The second battle is based on Scenario 3: Control the River from One-Hour Wargames, by Neil Thomas.  The objective of the battle is to control two fords at the end of the game; unfortunately I forgot one of the river sections that had a ford but fortunately I had a bridge!  To win the battle the army would need to control the bridge and the ford.

 The battlefield along the Lahn River.

Using the Armies with 6 units random generator, the Principality of Redsteinerberg would have 4 Infantry units, 1 Skirmisher unit and 1 Cavalry unit.
The Grand Duchy of Bluehofen will have 3 Infantry units, 1 skirmisher unit and 2 Cavalry units.

Redsteinerberg moves first.  It is rumored that there are several Prussian officers helping out the Principality.

 The 1st Dragoons and the Grand Duke's Horse move rapidly to secure the bridge.
A furious charge by the Prince's Horse against the 1st Dragoons is repulsed.  In the foreground the Liebenstein Horse of Bluehofen seize the other ford under harassment fire from the Jagers of Redsteinerberg.

 The Prince's Horse takes shelter near the steady lines of infantry while the Jagers continue to fire on the Leibenstein horse to no effect.

 The Colonel of the Grand Duke's Horse, feeling full of confidence, takes a pinch of snuff, sneezes and his men mistake that for the signal to charge!
 The 1st Dragoons attempt to shield the Duke's horse after it is repulses but they are run down by the Prince's horse and the Duke's horse is decimated by mass musketry fire.  The Bluehofian General, realizing the danger her army is in, re-positions her infantry to protect their left flank.

 Once again the Bluehofen Army is outflanked and they lose possession of both the ford and the bridge.

 The Bluehofen commander conceded on Turn 8.

Next up: Surprise Attack!


  1. I'm enjoying this campaign very much Neil. The figures in red and blue work very well visually. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks. The kids are really enjoying the game. The next battle is 2/9 and a report will be published shortly thereafter.