Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Monday, March 11, 2019

IHMN: Omar the Magnificent and the League of Assassins target The Professor (Episode 5.1)

Omar the Magnificent and the League of Assassins

"It is time", the disembodied voice of the Witch King of Sokur came to Ghycni, Captain of the Ruga-Ruga guard. Though he could not see his master, Ghycni stopped and patiently listened for his command.
"I am here Master."
"Send Omar the Magnificent to England to the ancestral manor of Professor James Moriarty and have him killed."
"It will be as you say."
"Ph'glui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagle fhtagn," replied the Witch King.

The ancestral home, in need of repair, of Professor James Moriarty.

At long last, the Professor will have to directly feel the impact of the War of the Witches. A simple wipe them all out scenario pitting the Criminal Mastermind and technology against Mystical Powers and highly trained assassins who are expert shots and have poisoned blades.
The Professor and his henchmen.

 Omar gazes with evil glee as his assassins and his mystical assistant advance across the ancient bridge. Ever mindful of the Professor's skill, he is using Water Bullets to protect his men.

 The Professor watches from the second floor as Bad Jack, Baron Maupertuis, Douglas Appleby and Allan "The Brawler" Smith expose themselves to Omar's assassins.

 Colonel Sebastian Moran is position on the high ground while . . .

  . . . Captain Cold waits near the cottage ready to freeze anyone foolish enough to come into the courtyard.
BWAH HAH HAH! All goes according to my plan.

 The Apprentice Mystic uses the Cloud Men's Mind as he leads the elite assassins across the bridge.

 "What the . . . how did I end up on this bridge," wonders Omar as the Professor uses his Meticulous Planning talent to move Omar . . .

  . . . right into the sights of the second best marksmen in the British Empire, Colonel Moran.

 Exit Omar as he takes one right between the eyes (how 'bout that 1?)
 In the ensuing confusion of Omar's death, the Professor's men come to grips with the League of Assassins.

 Who is laughing now?
 Bad Jack easily cuts to ribbons the assassin.
 The Apprentice Mystic uses fire against the The Brawler to no avail as he easily dodges the fireball.
 The mysterious Watcher records the encounter.
 The two companies start to mix it up.

 Captain Cold takes aim . . .

  . . . and instantly freezes one of the assassins.

 In quick succession, Bad Jack kills another assassin, Douglas Appleby shoots another, and The Brawler beats one to death in hand to hand combat.

 The Baron states,"Watch what my arc staff can do!"


 "I need information to find out who was responsible for this attack."

Wow. What a disaster for the (deceased) Omar. With his early death, the entire League was knocked off balance and the Professor's men went through them like a hot knife through butter.

Ghycni sat quietly in the darkness waiting for the voice of his Master.
"Master, Omar failed to kill the Professor."
"Oh Ghycni. It was not the Professor I wanted dead - it was Omar. I told you to send Omar to the Professor and have him killed.  You have done well. The ancient ones will be pleased."

All is fair in "The War of the Witches."


  1. another great game, although not so much for poor Omar. Good use of meticulous planning!

  2. You need to copyright this - it's gold. They could make a cracking TV series out of it!