Thursday, May 9, 2019

Epilogue: Quartermain and the Jungle of Fear (Episode 5.4.1)

"Mycroft! It's been years and so good to see you!"
"And you Nightengale."
"Tezla and I have had the most amazing discussion - we can stabilize and set the gyroscope controls to another known gate."
"We can take the fight to the enemy."
"But no human has ever traversed a gate .  . . who would be foolish enough to first try?" Mycroft paused in deep thought. "Why of course. The Americans."


  1. Pretty cool stuff, I'm trying to paint some stuff up for IHMN as well. One question, what paper buildings and rpg tiles (e.g. the ones from the museum game) do you use for some your setups?

  2. It's the old Hero Quest game board and the buildings are old GW cardstock accessories.

    1. That old Hero Quest board is so versatile, I never had the game but picked up the board from a charity shop! 99p well spent!