Monday, July 22, 2019

IHMN: Tintin vs. The Black Brotherhood AKA the Cult of Doom!!!, Part 2 (Episode 5.13.2)

In our last episode, 1/3 of the Knight Templars had been removed from the field of strife, Teddy Roosevelt and Friends were desperately trying to find Ann Darrow, and the The Black Brotherhood AKA the Cult of Doom!!! appeared to be carrying out to fruition their nefarious plans with the help of the inter-dimensional alien known as the Crawling Chaos! Meanwhile, the arc cannon takes aim at Teddy Roosevelt . . . Oh yeah, and I'm still moving the train.

 Teddy takes a hit but his Faraday coat saves him. He then takes aim . . . and another cultist bites the dust.
"Good shot", exclaims Ntando. Teddy replies, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

"I am the gathering storm, I bring darkness and death to monsters."

The crew of the African Queen. The die next to Ntando keeps track of his Mystical power "Harden".

"Ummm, guys, can I have some help against the Grand Pooh Bah?" (Snowy still has the relic but we moved it off table as it was getting in the way of movement) Snowy bites him in the leg incredibly knocking him down.

Help is on the way.

 Cigarette break. "Hey, has anyone noticed that we are wearing what looks like red shirts?"
The cultist with the arc rifle is gunned down by Sir Ralph. Yep, red shirts.

The Grand Pooh Bah leaps to his feet to destroy Sir Jebidiah in a gruesome manner worthy of The Black Brotherhood AKA the Cult of Doom!!!

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you as I was slicing and dicing you with Anduril."

"Ann, it's me, Snowy the talking dog!"

Guys, why are you pointing your swords at me?

"Snowy look out! There is something wrong with the Grand
 Meanwhile my job is about done disrupting movement and blocking line of sight. I didn't get to run anyone over though.

 In a lightning display of tooth, claw and pistol shooting (okay it's a fuzzy picture) the Grandmaster is knocked down.

 But he is soon on his feet and chases after Snowy and Ann Darrow.

 "Why are the Knights attacking us? Aren't they the good guys too?"

 In a cowardly attack from behind, Snowy is struck by the Grand master knocking him down.

  The Knights seize Ann Darrow and make their escape with Ntando of the High Castle in hot pursuit.

 The Edison inter-dimensional beam transmitter.

U.S. Deputy Marshall Grant Johnson knocks down Sir Jebidiah.

"We are here," as Ntando attacks . . .

 . . . and falls valiantly.

The Edison inter-dimensional beam transmitter activates and the Templars are gone.

 "Mr. Roosevelt, why did they do it? asks Tintin.
"I don't know. If given the choice between Righteousness and Peace, I choose Righteousness and I will hunt them down and save Ann."

And that was the game. At first it looked like The Black Brotherhood AKA the Cult of Doom!!! was on the way to victory but when the Creeping Chaos was slain by the Grand master, it all fell apart. Not a single cultist survived. Here is the final tally with victory going to the Templar Knights:

Templar Knights: 36 VP
Roosevelt: 16 VP
Cult of Doom: 9 VP

Mid Credit Scene

 Miskatonic University investigates and comes to the conclusion that this is not good!

End of Credit Scene:

"Once again the world is at my mercy and they are now fighting against themselves. I have conquered not only the mysteries of all of the continents but now of the oceans too. In the tropical waters of the south Atlantic my hand stretches out to turn water into ice - and to transform safety into the deadliest peril. Soon the proof of my mastery will be complete."