Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Decision Made: It's Time to Finish the Peninsular Figures

I've been drifting for the 2 years in my efforts to focus on my gaming projects. I have finally come to a momentous decision (drum roll if you please): I am going to finish building my basic armies for the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic period. I am going to finish one for France and her allies and one of Great Britain and her allies for the rule set Volley and Bayonet.

It was the plastic 20mm Airfix Napoleonic figures that first really got me interested in gaming and collecting soldiers as a kid.

Then I discovered Bruce Quarrie's Airfix gaming guide, that eventually became Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature that got be hooked on real wargaming with toy soldiers when I was a teenager.

In tribute to my first love of gaming, I have decided it's time to finish the figures I have and get those two armies on the tabletop. I was so inspired, I actually finished (!) a division commander for the British and started the next British "Brigade" stand which will be painted as the light (flank) companies of the line battalions of the King's German Legion.

The above figure is a mounted British Colonel from Front Rank miniatures. He'll make a good general figure as he will be wearing a plainer uniform on the battlefield

I put labels on the bases for easy identification

The figures that will be painted as a light company, King's German Legion are from Wargames Foundry

The officer and NCO will be at the height of military fashion as they have acquired the new "Belgic" shako while the rank and file still have the old shako

In order to finish the armies, I'm going to inventory what I have painted, see what I have and develop two army lists to guide my painting.


  1. Good luck. There are some great V&B scenarios for your armies when finishd. I ran Fuentes d'Onoro, Vittoria, and Toulouse a couple of years ago at Origins and have played Salamanca and Talavera several times.

  2. Mike,

    Are the scenarios for Fuentes d'Onoro, Vittoria, and Toulouse online?


  3. There are OB's for the first two on the Volley and Bayonet page. I created a scenario for Toulouse and will try to post it on my blog at some point. Vittoria is a great game.