Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some More Favorite Figures - High Elves

In preparing for a Horse and Musket game, I asked Honorable Son #5 to help me with the terrain set-up. On his errand to bring up some entrenchments from the "game" cabinet, he asked me about the Elves he discovered while looking for the pieces.

The Elf army is composed of figures from Games Workshops' Warhammer High Elf range and belongs to Honorable Son #2. The army got its start with the plastic High Elf spear men that came as part of the Warhammer Game in the early 1990's.

Nice figures that look imposing to an enemy line. I'm happy with the way Games Workshop has pushed the industry toward hard plastic miniatures - especially with historical figures! One minor complaint with the trend, is the tendency to have too much variety available when putting the figures together. I love the price and variety, but it takes me longer to put them together than to paint! Hats off to Perry Miniatures for having their rank and file boxes with less parts to put together - but still having options for different heads, etc., if you want that. Any way . . . I like that for these figures, all you have to do is glue them to the base, paint the figure, paint the shield and then glue the shield on. Quick and easy.

I painted the spear men years ago before Honorable Son #2 was old enough to game and paint. Originally I had painted all them in the basic GW "white" uniform pattern Elves. About 5 years ago, I repainted half of the spear men and Honorable Son #2 repainted half of the archers in a blue pattern to give variety and to make unit identification easier (No not that white uniformed unit, the other white uniformed unit!). I was very pleased with the results; easy to paint and they really stand out. The musician and banner bearer are from one of the command blisters and are metal.

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