Thursday, October 13, 2011

Favorite Figures - How 'bout some Napoleonics?

Here is one of my favorite command figures for the Napoleonic Wars: Jean-Baptiste Bessieres, Duc d' Istria and Marshal of France. The armies I am painting in the Napoleonic period are for the Peninsular War, and good ole Bessieres was there. This is Wargames Foundry's version of Bessieres and a very good version it is.

Bessieres also adds some color to the French army (who doesn't like bright green boots!). He is wearing the uniform of Colonel-General of the cavalry of the Imperial Guard and sash of a Marshal of France. Bessieres was a traditionalist and still powdered his hair. For Volley and Bayonet, I'll be using him as a division cavalry commander or as a division commander for the Imperial guard.

As a commander, especially of cavalry, Bessières left a reputation excelled by very few of Napoleon's marshals. His dauntless courage and cool judgment made him a safe leader in independent command. He was personally beloved to an extraordinary extent amongst his soldiers, and respected amongst his opponents.

Speaking of commanders, here is the "Bravest of the Brave", Marshal Michel Ney, 1st Duc d'Elchingen and Prince de la Moskowa. Also by Wargames Foundry, I like the aggressive look on Ney and the caped cloak that he is wearing.

I'll be using him as a corps commander in Volley and Bayonet so I have also mounted an aide-de-camp with him.