Monday, October 17, 2011

Preview: Battle of Friedchikun

Just a quick preview of an upcoming battle during the War of Spanish Succession using the rules Volley and Bayonet. The Battle of Friedchikun will be based on the first major battle of the War of Spanish Succession, the Battle of Friedlingen fought between the French and the Imperial Forces.


  1. Wonderfully painted! I am curious why the bases are so thick.

  2. Good looking figures. How will your battle be different from the historical one?

  3. John - It was the size of the wood that was available when I started remounting my figures for Volley and Bayonet! It's actually a 1/4" and I have found that it makes it easier to move the troops without grabbing the figures. I also put the names of the units on the back of the bases which you can't see in any of the above pictures.

  4. Mike - Based on my research I don't think there were as many mounted dragoons in the battle so I'm making about 2/3 regular line cavalry. I've also reduced the French by about 2 infantry for a bit of "play" balance. I'm not going to have 3 of the smaller villages that were near represented and I have "condensed" the battle area to fit my table. Thanks for asking.