Tuesday, November 1, 2011

British Peninsular Army for Volley and Bayonet

Having taking stock of the figures I have and what I have painted, I have now developed my generic Army list for the British Army in the Peninsular War based for Volley and Bayonet. As a reminder, for the Napoleonic period, units usually represent brigades and the skirmish stands are battalion sized detachments. The units listed are what the figures are painted as, not just that unit. The units below that are in bold black font are painted and (S) means "skirmish" stand. Need means I need to purchase.

Army Commander – The Duke of Wellington

1st Div – Division Commander (Need)

1st Bde - Guards Brigade

2nd Bde - 79th Highlander

3rd Bde - King’s German Legion (currently painting)

1 Coy, 5/60th Rifles (S)

Royal Artillery

2nd Div – Division Commander

1st Bde - 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)

2nd Bde - The South Essex (No, not a real unit - if you have ask shame!)

3rd Bde - Portuguese Brigade (McDonald’s - another fictional unit)

2 Coy, 5/60th Rifles (S)

Royal Artillery

3rd Division – Division Commander

1st Bde - 71st Highland Light Infantry

2nd Bde - 66th Foot (Berkshires)

3rd Bde - The Royal Scots

4th Bde - Portuguese Brigade

1/95 Rifles (S)

Royal Artillery (need)

4th Divison – Division Commander (Picton - need)

1st Bde - 38th Foot (Staffords)

2nd Bde - 40th Foot

3rd Bde - Brunswickers

4th Bde - Portuguese Brigade

Brunswick Oels (S)

Royal Artillery (Need)

5th Division – Division Commander

1st Bde - 42d Highlander

2nd Bde - 38th Foot (Staffords)

Portuguese Brigade

1st Cacadores (S)

Royal Artillery (need)

Light Division – Division Commander (Crawford – Need)

43d Light Infantry

52d Light Infantry (Need)

2/95th Rifles (S)

Royal Horse Artillery (Need gun)

Light Divison Cavalry Commander

1st Bde - 11th Light Dragoons

2nd Bde - 16th Light Dragoons

Heavy Divison Cavalry Commander

1st Bde - 3rd Dragoon Guards

2nd Bde - 1st Dragoons, King’s German Legion

Royal Horse Artillery (Need gun)

The army is weak on cavalry, but Wellington's forces usually were (though I'll probably get some more later). Now that they are organized, it will help focus the completion of the painting.

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  1. That will be a very nice force for V&B. Nice to see the South Essex included. Watching Sharpe on TV while doing this too, spooky!!