Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Bavarian Army for the WSS Part 3

Here is the rest of my infantry for my Bavarian army for the War of Spanish Succession.  Figures are mounted for Volley and Bayonet and bases that are 2 /12 inches wide. It is a colorful force that would pay a high price at the hands of the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy. 

Regiment Bettendorf:  Coat sky blue, lining red, cuff red, waistcoat red and breeches pale blue.

Regiment Haxthausen: Coat sky blue, lining red, cuff red, waistcoat sky blue and breeches grey-white.  I am particular proud of the flag I painted.

Regiment Tattenback:  Coat sky blue, lining bright yellow, cuff bright yellow, waistcoat bright yellow and breeches red or grey.

Converged Grenadiers: These figures are Edition Brokaw and I now realize that they were mislabeled as the grenadier cap is completely wrong and should just be a fur cap with no front plate.  To disguise the fact I painted the front plate black. The uniform details are a mix of the other regiments.

Next up is the Bavarian cavalry.

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