Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Bavarian Army for the WSS Part 4

The Bavarian cavalry adds contrast for color compared to the sky blue coats of the infantry.  The Bavarian Cuirassier regiments wore the lobster tail helmet and front and back cuirass.  Though an anachronistic look it may have been useful in the campaigns against the Ottoman Empire.  Uniform details are from Charles S. Grant’s From Shot to Pike.

Regiment Arco Cuirassiers:  It appears at the time I painted them as the Latour Cuirassier regiment with green facings and distincitions.  Oh well.  Here are the colors for Arco: Coat iron grey, lining blue, cuffs blue, waistcoat blue, breaches blue or leather and blackened armor.

Wolframsdorf Cuirassiers:  If you had the opportunity, how could you not field a regiment with the name Wolframsdorf?  Coat is iron grey, lining sky blue, cuffs sky blue, waistcoat sky blue, breaches leather and blackened armor.

Dragoon Regiment Monasteroi:  Coat is red, lining yellow, cuffs yellow and waistcoat yellow.

Dragoon Regiment Santini : Coat is red, lining green, cuffs green and waistcoat green.

Hussar Regiment Locatelli:  Blue dolmans with white loops, blue breeches and hats of fox fur with blue bags.


  1. Great presentation! I even didn´t know some of the regiments - although I live in Bavaria...
    Thanks for showing us them!

  2. Better still - the anachronistic look of the cuirassier regiments allows you to dip into ECW ranges for Bavarian Cuirrasiers.. Peter Pig was my choice for Arco and Weichel (rose pink facings - who can resist!)