Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Monday, March 7, 2016

Heroes of Rorke's Drift WIP #1

Here is a quick update on the "Heroes of Rorke's Drift" Hollywood version.  Am I keeping with a simple painting method as I have discovered that this will give the figures a realistic "in the field" look.

Here is the color scheme I used after priming the figures in a flat black wash but not in the order I painted:

1. Uniform Coat.  I did two coats of Vallejo Red thinned down just a bit with water.
2. Pants.  Base coat is GW's Kantor Blue and highlights with Ultramarine blue.  Pants stripe is Vallejo Red.
3. Helmet.  Base coat is Vallejo Flat Brown.  Second coat is Vallejo Buff with highlights from Vallejo Flat White.
4. Helmet Crest.  Base is Vallejo Flat Black and the GW Shiny Gold.
5. Webbing and rifle straps. Vallejo Buff and then Vallejo Flat White.
6. Rifle.  Vallejo Flat Brown. Metal parts on rifle Vallejo Silver.
7. Facing Colors.  For the 24th I used GW Goblin Green and for the Royal Engineers I used Ultramarine blue. I decided to make the facing colors look lighter as that looked better in 28 mm.
8. Undershirt. Base is GW Dawnstone and then the second coat is equal parts GW Dawnstone with Vallejo flat white.  Buttons are Flat White.
9. Officer shoulder boards, lace and buttons.  Vallejo Flat Black and then GW Shiny Gold.
10. Other ranks lace and piping.  Vallejo Flat White.
10. Holsters. GW Vermin Brown.
11. NCO sash.  GW Khorne Red.
12. Boots and gaiters.  Vallejo Flat Black.

Get ready for nit-picking! Here is a still shot from the movie Zulu showing Colour Sergeant Bourne in action.

Here is Empress Miniature's Colour Sergeant Bourne on the right sans chevrons!  I hate free handing chevrons. (I told you it was nit-picking)  Still a great figure.

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