Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WARNING: Dragon Rampant will make you paint shields!

 I was extremely excited when my copy of Dragon Rampant arrived.  Wow are the rules simple but elegant.  Immediately I turned to Honorable Son #5 and declared to him:  "It's time to get the Vikings out and on to the battlefield!"  Honorable Son #5 pointed out to me, "Uh Dad, you never finished painting the shields on the last batch."  (Cue look of disbelief!)

Dang it.  He was right: More Vikings!

 We look pretty cool but how come if I am made of hard plastic I have no shield?

I am now pleased to announce (Fanfare of Viking Horns blowing!) that all of the shields are now painted!  The figures are mounted individually and in movement trays providing their use in a variety of popular rule sets; e.g., Dragon Rampant, Dux Bellorum and Lord of the Rings.

All figures by Gripping Beast - most are hard plastic from one box of Gripping Beast Vikings . . .  and I still have extra figures left over.



  1. Great collection of figures (and very nice shields).

    1. Thanks. Fortunately Viking shields are my skill level!

  2. Replies
    1. I can't wait to get them on the field of battle. Great figures make it easy to paint.