Saturday, March 12, 2016

IHMN: Meanwhile in North Piddle . . .

In 1795, a large stony meteorite was observed during its fall to Earth at a cottage near Wold Newton in Yorkshire, England and a piece of it, known as the Wold Cottage meteorite, was carefully analyzed by both British and French authorities and they concluded that an extraterrestrial origin was likely.

The village of North Piddle is a small civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England.  North Piddle was named after Piddle Brook, on which it stands, and has approximately 200 inhabitants. On December 17, 1896 there was an earthquake in the region that "exceeded in violence any previous instance of seismic energy there within the present century".  The earthquake was preceded by a loud roar "as of thunder" or "a rushing mighty wind", and residents whose windows were facing north saw a "great light", which some attributed to a large meteor . . .

 The meteor strike near North Piddle

The village of North Piddle is the setting for many of our adventures in the world of In Her Majesty's Name.  The infamous Dr. Nemor (inventor of the so called disintegration ray) lives nearby.  A scenario, including the rumored meteorite, will involve four companies all with competing objectives.

The outskirts of North Piddle

The ruins of the North Piddle manor

Piddle Brook

 The farm at Gostell Field

         The companies that will be participating in the great adventure in North Piddle will be: 

 Teddy Roosevelt and The Explorer's Club

 General Ronglu's Imperial Chinese 

 The Witch King of Sokar

Scotland Yard

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  1. I'm interested to see mention of the Wold Newton event. I take it you have seen the two books of 'Crossovers' on the aftermath?

  2. Yes and they are a fun read.

  3. As a resident of North Piddle, I'm fascinated to read of the meteor strike.