Saturday, July 15, 2017

Captain John Good

 Captain John Good

A "short, stout, and dark" man Captain John Good is one of the heroes of King Solomon's Mines as narrated by Allan Quatermain.  Quatermain rightly suspects him of being a naval man upon first seeing him.  Good desires to help his friend, Sir Henry Curtis, find his brother, but he also seeks the riches of King Solomon's Mines.

Quatermain mocks Good's fastidiousness about his personal appearance. In one case, Quatermain attributes Good's near death by elephant to Good's refusal to dress appropriately for the African wild. Good's overweening pride in his appearance is dealt a blow when the Kukuanas first see him without his trousers, which necessitates a long journey without pants so that he might not cover up his "beautiful white legs."

 Quatermain and Good

The Kukuanas

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  1. King Solomon's Mines is one of my favourites. Lovely job on Good!