Friday, July 28, 2017

Late War German Infantry Painting Guide

Here is a painting guide for Late War German infantry that worked for me.  The figures are from Artizan Designs and the paints are Vallejo colors unless noted:

I prime with a spray can of Flat black and then do the Flesh with Ratskin Flesh (Games Workshop) Flesh wash and then highlights with Dark Flesh.

The uniform pants are done with German Field Grey.

The base for the Smock is German Camo Beige.  I then do irregular stripes with German Medium Brown followed by Flective Green.

Helmet: German Grey
Webbing: Black
Boots: Flat Black or Flat Brown
Gaiters: Khaki or German Camo Beige

Rifle: Flat Brown and Gun Metal
Canteen: Flat Earth and Gun Metal for the Canteen Cup.
Bread bag: Green Ochre
Ammunition Pouches: Green Ochre or Green Grey
Gas Mask Cannister: Catachen Green (Games Workshop) or Dark Green


The figures were based on Litko round 25mm bases and then I use hobby sand for the texture. I apply the sand with watered down white glue and once dry, I put on a coat of watered down white glue to protect the sand.  Paint and dry brush the sand with various browns and then finish with static grass from Gale Force 9.

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