Monday, December 4, 2017

Quick Paint Natives Guide

Need a gazillion natives painted quickly?  Here is a technique:

Once again I started with the ole Rust-Oleum Flat Brown protective enamel.

 Choose any light brown or green for the loin clothes.  In this case I used Flat Earth.

 Any cow tails, fur or monkey tails I just painted Flat White.  The bearers packages are Flat Brown and Earth Drab at this point.

 The top baggage was then painted Buff and the hair and head rings are painted Flat Black.
 Earrings painted using GW Shiny Gold.

 A Dark Brown wash was added to the head rings and then the figures were glued to their stands.  The ropes for the bundles are Green Ochre.

 Spray paint the shields with a flat white.  I then used GW Skragg Brown for the details on the cow hide.  The wooden handles are painted Flat Brown.

 I have learned from experience to finish the bases first before gluing on the spears and shields.

 Glue the spears first!  Then do the shields.  The spears are painted Flat Earth.

 The back of the shields were painted Flat Brown.  All done and ready for gaming.