Monday, May 14, 2018

IHMN: To Rescue a Professor

  From the private journal of Dr. John Watson, MD: It was in the latter days of September, and the    equinoctial gales has set in with exceptional violence. All day the wind had screamed and the rain had beaten against the windows, so that even here in the heart of great, hand made London we were forced to raise our minds for the instant from the routine of life and to recognize the presence of those great elemental forces which shriek at mankind through the bars of his civilization, like untamed beasts in a cage.  I, more than most, knew the mortal danger all of mankind was facing and the frustration and illness of my great friend who could not at present stop it.  As evening drew in, the storm grew higher and louder, and the wind cried and sobbed like a child stuck in the chimney.  It was all the more surprising when a telegram was delivered in the midst of the storm. Holmes sat moodily at one side of the fireplace as he read the message, and then a spark twinkled in his eyes.
"What is it?" I inquired.
"My dear Watson. It looks like the peerage is getting involved in our little war."
"What do you mean?"
"Lord Greystoke is on the prowl."
 The gaming table.  As the Defender Honorable Son #5 set up the terrain and put Professor Nightengale in the large building in the middle of the table. It was agreed that he would set his figures up first and that I would have the initiative for the first turn.
 In our last game of In Her Majesty's Name, the famous explorer and inventor had been captured by the Witch King for his evil and inhumanly nefarious purposes. Who better to rescue him from his evil clutches in Africa than the Lord of the Jungle?  Honorable Son#5 was once again the Witch King and his evil grin as he gazed at me across the table affected me not at all.  I had some new dice.

 Lord Greystoke and Company.
 The prison holding the Professor.  The Witch King's company is mostly troglodytes and 2 Ruga-Ruga guardsmen.  Of course the Witch King is virtually a force of nature with heavy armor, mystical powers and a cursed sword.
 Tarzan, Jane and the Waziri advance . . .
 . . . while more tribesmen and a Mangani great ape come in from the other side.
The enemy is behind us too!

 Ruga-Ruga guard on the look out.
 "I say, I'm in here!
 Time for battle.

 The great ape has the arboreal talent and moves quickly through the jungle.

 The Witch King decides to join the fight.
 Spears, swords and fighting knives clash . . . 

 . . . as the Lord of the Jungle leaps the wall and starts going through troglodytes like a hot knife through butter.
 Meanwhile on the other side of the fortress, the other Waziri and the great ape start to engage.

 Battle in the Fortress.
 The Witch King strikes the chief with his cursed blade.  The chief rolls his pluck and survives, but since the weapon is cursed he must roll his pluck again.

 Yep you guessed it.  The chief is out of the game.
 Most of the troglodytes flee from the terrifying great ape.

 Though one holds his ground.
 Dismayed that Tarzan's inspired leadership is cancelling the dread he causes, the Witch King decides to take on the Lord of the Jungle personally.

 Troglodytes are falling left and right.
 The Ruga-Ruga guard try to help but their marksmanship is poor.
 Jane fires her pistol at the Witch King, misses, and accidentally kills a Waziri tribesman.  That's the last time I'll try that.
 Tarzan is now separated from the rest of the Waziri and attacks like a fearless wild beast.

 Help is coming.
 Tarzan dispatches more foes as his Waziri rush the Ruga-Ruga guard to rescue Professor Nightengale.
 A Waziri tribesman falls to his death when he misses a leap.

 This is not going to end well for the troglodyte.
 And another troglodyte bites the dust.
 Jane takes cover and fires at the riflemen on the wall . . . and misses.  Meanwhile Tarzan and the Witch King have been locked in furious combat.

 The troglodyte is killed but the valiant ape is knocked down by a bullet from the Ruga-Ruga guard but will survive.
 "Professor!  We are almost there!"

 Disaster strikes as the Witch King uses his Dragon's Breath and then his sword to hit Tarzan from behind.  Since the sword is cursed, Tarzan must roll his pluck twice and fails to do so and is knocked unconscious. ("No he's dead", states Honorable Son #5.  "Come on, he's Tarzan," states I with a wink.)
 With Tarzan out of the picture, events fall apart quickly for the good guys.  The Witch King mesmerizes the great ape forcing him to attack and kill one of the Waziri.

 The great ape is then shot and killed by a Ruga-Ruga guardsman.  Lady Greystoke senses the dread sneaking up on her and turns and fires repeatedly at the Witch King.

 The Witch King advances in an attempt to stop Jane from saving the great ape (Jane has the medic talent.)  With a clunk on the head, Jane is knock out and the Waziri flee due to the Witch King's Dread talent.
Another exciting game though I am noticing a trend of the Witch King beating up all of the good guys and moving on with his nefarious plans to conquer the world.  The final score was 32 to 20 since Professor Nightengale had not been rescued.  What will the forces of good do now?  Has the great detective recovered enough to get personally involved?  Or will there be a new player from another country involved?  Stay tuned . . .


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Hats off to Honorable Son #5 for setting up the table.

  2. I echo that. Great looking game!

    1. Thanks! And I almost rescued the professor.

  3. Gripping game Neil. I really like the scenery especially the Temples.
    That red dice is cursed by the way.

    1. The Temples are aquarium decorations that I bought at a local pet store. The red die has been smashed to pieces with the hammer of justice.

  4. An immersive and fantastic report, lovely terrain and minis, love the Great Ape and the temple...

    1. The Great Ape is actually a plastic toy that came with a set of plastic African animals. Best $1.95 I ever spent.